The Birth (of the twins, of course πŸ™ˆ)

Please keep calm and go on reading, as it is my first time writing. But please do tell me when I need to stop 😁.

I will skip the pregnancy for now, as it seems centuries ago, but will be sharing it in a later post.

Sooo, it was the beginning of October 2016 and I was approaching rapidly the due date for twins (38 weeks, according to Swiss doctors). The twins showed no signs of wanting to get out, so we decided to help them a bit and get them induced. I will also not bother you with the details it took 3 phone calls and 2 visits to the hospital to finally get induced and I’ll take straight to the D day.

It was a beautiful October day – the 5th to be more exact. We arrived at the hospital at 6 am after a white night – needless to say both Guido and I were overwhelmed with emotions. I was the size of the biggest mammal alive and managed to squeeze in a quick shot before storming out of the house – here you go:Β 

In less than 15 min after my arrival at the hospital, I was already laying in the bed in the birth room with Guido close to me.

After 6 hours of unsuccessful oxytocin (and a nurse praising me for my good veins, but missing them 3! times and finally asking a colleague for help), I have decided to go for a C-section.

The preparation for the C-section took less than 30 minutes, so it was difficult to understand and digest what was happening around me. Having a regional anesthesia is one of the strangest things – your upper part of the body is fully awake, but you have no control at all on your lower body. Kind of feeling paralyzed from chest down. Not a feeling I’d enjoy again any time soon.

The C-section is an operation that lasts less than 30 minutes. During this time I was accompanied by Guido, sitting close to me and a pair of blue eyes (enhanced by Ray Ban glasses) belonging to a young doctor who was taking me step by step through the whole procedure. I could feel the cut like tickling or ants traveling my body, but no pain.

The next thing I knew, I heard Emma crying and I remember having a quick glimpse at her tiny face – yes, her nose was just like at the last 3D scan – not the most flattering, but a beautiful family heritage one!

Less than a minute and I could hear the tiniest cries of all – Marco was born and when the nurse put him between my eyes, I could not see much – either because he was so tiny or they were flooded with tears…

It was the beginning of everything and I was so glad to finally meet the little ones!

I will be taking my bones to a well deserved rest and promise to get back with new posts soon!

Sleep well or enjoy the day, depending when you’re reading this.


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