Proud Daddy

I never thought I could love Guido more. But I do. Now. I love Guido the daddy – it brings the best of him.

I love seeing his face shine when looking at the babies. I love the pride in his eyes when he holds them or when saying he is a daddy. I love the worried look on his face when Emma is making a fart or trying hard to poop or Marco having lost weight after birth (when the nurses in the Neonatalogie or NICU section have told us Marco lost 200 grams, which is 10% of his body weight, I could not stop crying the whole day).

I love Guido taking care of the little ones, but mostly I love Guido because together we became better and stronger as a couple since the twins were born. Or actually since they were in the belly 😍.

One day we were in the car and I asked Guido to put me THAT song (quello in italian) which I love and reminds me of Prague (we met and used to live in Prague before moving to Zurich). From all the songs out there, Guido picked THE song which reminds me of Prague. This was a moment of love and complicity beyond words.

Now I better wipe my tears off and feed my hungry babies!


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