The Hospital Stay

Since we live in Switzerland and everything is planned to the very detail, we had to choose the hospital where I would be giving birth. 

We chose Zollikerberg Hospital because:

  1. It has a Neonatologia (NICU) section
  2. Has a good reputation
  3. It is close to our home
  4. It was recommended by friends and colleagues
  5. It was familiar to us (Guido had once a false heart attack, which turned out to be asthma – thanks God!)

Since I was very pregnant with twins (week 37) during my last doctor’s appointment, I was suggested (which I thought was scheduled) to give birth at thebeginning of week 38, meaning October 3.

It was a Monday and a beautiful day and I have already informed everyone the twins will arrive that day. In reality they did arrive 2 days later and you can read all about it in The Birth.

 Needless to say the day the twins have arrived has changed our lives. To the best. It redefined the true meaning of happiness and made us all one family – for better or for worse.

But let’s go back to the Zollikerberg Hospital, which has been our family for 6 days. 

What has impressed me truly about the Hospital was:

  1. The competence of staff – from the doctors performing the C-section to the nurses/hebama/obstetritians -all were perfectly trained to answer any questions or needs.
  2. The environment – our stay felt more like a spa, rather than a hospital, including the facilities, the food, the service and the friendliness of staff.
  3. The button above the bed – I’d dedicate a special section just to that – it felt like a magic stick that could make all wishes come true. Just push the button (I still dream of taking that home, but luckily we have our Super Nonna, to whom I will dedicate a special post).
  4. The privacy – during my stay, I was sharing the room with 3 other ladies: the first one was like a ghost, the second one was trying to give birth for 3 days when I finally convinced her to go for a C-section (I’ll dedicate a post to that too) and the third one who felt so natural to share the room with, although for a brief period of time.
  5. The familiarity & friendliness – everyone, including the cleaning ladies, knew the names of my kids. Impressive, really. 

I’d like to end this post by thanking all the great people in the hospital for the amazing care and support they offered in such a crucial event of a family! 
And here are some photos to testify the above 😊

The room, equipped with everything you could possibly need.


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