Meeting the cousins

We have received a lot of visits lately – family, friends like family, work colleagues, neighbours and even random people, eager to take a look at the twins and congratulate the parents.

The most impressive was meeting the cousins. My brother lives in Vienna and he has 3 beautiful daugthers, my sweet nieces, whom we love very much and most certainly the twins will do so too when they grow a little.

The girls were so impressed and emotional meeting their little cousins! They could not decide whom they wanted to hold and hug more 🙂 And the twins were equally happy to be held and loved.

Ana Maria, 8 yeat old and the eldest, fell in love with Emma and, to my big amusement, managed to leave an autograph for Emma on her bedsheet 😂 in the 30 seconds she spent alone in the room with the babies.

The biggest battle was about who is going to drive around the pram (and I trust there was enough space for all 3 + one adult). 

But the strongest fight was for my hand – as they are 3 and I have only two hands…

Teo, the little one, was so happy to claim one of my hands, that made me think with great joy of all the times we spent together and all the laughs we shared.

Becky was the most serious of all – with a very curious approach and mature questions, she wanted to know everything about the babies and certainly enjoyed spending some time with the new cousins.

Love my nieces to bits and a big thank you to them and their parents for being in our lives!


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