First holidays 

This Christmas has, indeed, been the most wonderful time of the year with the little twins around.

And we decided to spend it in Italy with our Super Nonna and Guido’s (very big, loud, funny, Italian) family. 

The two were the most behaved kids in the plane and they even enjoyed a nap during the flight (which made our trip very easy).

The highlight of our vacation was meeting the Grand Nonna, who is 97 years old and still the best babysitter out there – singing, rocking, talking and entertaining the kids. With her kind voice she was able to make the twins smile all the time. And probably Nonna’s highlight was being able to hold them both in her arms – her smile says it all ❤

Christmas would not be Christmas without a Christmas tree, family and lots of (delicious, tasty, amazing) italian food. So much, that now Guido and I have to be on a diet. Long diet. 

The most rewarding experience was meeting the family. I have probably not heard in my life the phrase “Che bella, che bello” so many times. And so loud. While the twins were not used at the beginning, they were sleeping through festive dinners, lunches towards the end.

And probably my favourite part was catching our Super Nonna with Nonno for a morning photoshoot. It brought tears of joy to the eyes of the grandparents and so much happiness on the kids faces.

Let’s not forget about the great weather. And the sea. And the long walks on the seaside. And the trips to show the twins the best spots of the town. And all the smiles from the people passing by – all of these have made it a truly beautiful experience and we are ready to come back in summer.


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